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so alone

im so sick of feeling all alone,
i dont want to be by myself anymore i want someone to be there for me, to comfort me and no matter how much i push them away if they no something is wrong they will stay to make sure that im ok not for them to just say msg me tomorrow and tell me how you are. tomorrow i will seem fine but its tonight, now that im not ok and needed him but he isnt here. nothing will ever fill the empty hole i have inside me it stays there every minute of every day, it never leaves not even for a second. i want to show my dad how much he has hurt us and what he did so he can feel what we do everyday let him be overwhelmed by guilt. i no i never can show him and i can never make him feel the guilt and pain of leaving us here to hurt and cry for his absence that is needed and as much as i hate him i also love him so much more... 8 years he has been gone in 13minutes, the 24th of september.. that date will never leave my mind nor be forgotten just like he wont he is always at least in the back of my mind. i always wonder how things would be if he were here but that i will never know.
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