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cant take it no more

hey havnt posted in a while coz of everything and here goes with what has happened...
well me and michael are definately over this time i fucked up real bad. istarted 2 get feelings 4 sum1 else nd my best friend (michaels sister) told him and now he hates me but i never cheated tho he doesn blieve me. its caused stuff wit me and the guy i startd 2 like as well...
then 2day my best friend told me how i deserved everything michael said to me about how he hates me, i fucked him over and that he hopes nothing ever goes right 4 me again. then just 2 really top it off she said that i only cut my wrists 4 attention and that really hurt bcoz she was the onyl person i told bout that well otha ppl new but not wht she did...
i really want to die and now i just keep cutting and i have nothing to live 4 but nthing will change bcoz no1 blieves y i cut. i cant stand being here anymore everything i do fucks up. i was fine till this all happened i was even thinking about throwing out all the razors and the bandana i use when i cut... luckily iheld onto them they came in usefull 2day.
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